Explorer team selected by Physics World as one of the Top 10 Breakthroughs in 2018

Original post: bme.ucdavis.edu/news/explorer-included-breakthrough-year-physics-world

Editor Tami Freeman of Physics World chose the EXPLORER total-body PET system as one of her top-five “Breakthroughs of the Year,” and the publication’s entire editorial team named EXPLORER among its top-10 2018 breakthroughs:

“The EXPLORER PET/CT scanner – the world’s first medical imaging system that can capture a 3D image of the entire human body simultaneously – has produced its first human images. Developed by UC Davis scientists and a multi-institutional consortium, EXPLORER can scan up to 40 times faster, or use up to 40 times less radiation dose, than current PET systems, making it possible to conduct repeated studies in an individual, or dramatically reduce dose in paediatric studies. The high-sensitivity scanner can also create movies that track radiolabelled drugs as they move around the body.”

Editors based their annual choices on three criteria:

  • Significant advance in knowledge or understanding
  • Importance of work for scientific progress and/or development of real-world applications
  • Of general interest to Physics World readers.

Read Freeman’s article and the top-10 article in their entireties.